Rocking Out Take Two - For Real This Time!!

Kids, I have the most wonderful news ever. Do you remember, a mere fortnight ago, when I told you that I would be leaving here on 7 August at the earliest? Well I lied! Isn’t that great!?! I’m so excited that I don’t know where to begin! I discovered today, thanks to the wonderful people over at punknews.org, that Catch 22 has been added to the already-in-progress Coast To Coast Roast tour starring Reel Big Fish. Do you know awesome that is!? It’s better-than-winning-a-new-car awesome. I read Aaron Barrett’s online journal (he’s the Reel Big Fish frontman, but I’ll just pretend that you already knew that) and the way he describes the new drummer and John The Trumpet God and the band playing really tight and sounding great and feeling so “tonight’s the night”...I have to see this show! And now Catch 22 is on the tour!! Words don’t do justice to the awesomeness so I have to resort to overusing exclamation points!!! Here’s the kicker people...the Coast To Coast Roast Tour, the very one that I just mentioned and that now includes Reel Big Fish and Catch 22, will be landing in Denver on 5 August!! I can’t contain it any longer, so here’s the most wonderful news I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing on this blog: I WILL BE AT THAT SHOW!! You heard me right folks, I will be back in Denver by 5 August, and I will spend that night rocking out in the purest sense, in front of two of the most amazing bands to ever grace my ears with their sonic power! And it gets better! You’re all invited!! And you’re going to come to the show with me!! That’s right folks, I want you to come to this show. I’m going to quit with the exclamation points for a second, because I’ve already used way too many, plus I want to convey the fact that I am totally serious about this. If you know me well at all, or if you’ve just been reading this blog for long enough, you already know that I live and die by good shows. Hell, I rearranged my recent Europe vacation, pushing it back by an entire month, for the sole reason of catching a few good shows. I will be leaving Afghanistan on 25 July and I will be joining all of you at the Coast To Coast Roast show in Denver on 5 August. Here’s how deadly serious I am about this -- I will buy a ticket to the show for anyone and everyone who wants to go. If you’re reading this, I will buy your ticket! All of you! I know there are some of you reading this (and here I’m thinking of people like the Schierholz sisters or Adam K in C/S or Adrian down in Canon City or Amelia in Boulder -- there are others) who are thinking “Oh, he doesn’t mean me, he’s only talking about his tight group of friends.” NO! I mean everyone!! I will buy your ticket, and all you have to do is tell me that you want to go!! Here’s the thing people -- in the back of my mind I was tentatively planning to throw a big party when I got back, a “welcome home” gig for anyone and everyone (regardless of how well I know you, or whether I even know you at all) to show up to, socialize, drink some beer, and celebrate the fact that I’m back home. Well, this is it! This is the big party!! We’ll be hanging out, drinking some beers (or non-alcoholic beverages of your choice -- I’m not passing judgment here), socializing, and rocking out to some great ska at the same time!! You’re all invited, and it’s all on me!! If that’s not enough to get you totally, completely, and unbelievably excited, there’s more! Three and four days later, on 8 and 9 August, I’m inviting you all to rounds two and three of the “Welcome Home Josh Awesome Ska Party!” It turns out that not only will I be home in time for the Coast To Coast Roast Tour, but also the Son Of The Teenage Pajamas From Outer Space Tour!! To my utter amazement and unquantifiable excitement, those wacky ska superheroes known as The Aquabats have resurrected themselves from oblivion and joined forces with sexy punk rockers The Eyeliners, and both bands, along with The Phenomenauts and Time Again, will be in Colorado on the 8th and 9th of August!! The cities are Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, and I guarantee I will be at both shows. And you’re all invited to come back again, to one or both of the shows, for another night(s) of ska/punk awesomeness on my bill!! I’ll buy your ticket to those shows, too!! By now I’m sure you all think I’ve gone insane, but let me assure you that I have not. Let me also assure you that the Son Of The Teenage Pajamas From Outer Space Tour will be the single best thing that ever happened to you in your entire life -- ever. That warm August night will provide you with countless hours of inspiring stories of friendship (and pure rock goodness) that you’ll be telling to your grandchildren in the year 2046. Seriously people, I was genuinely afraid that I’d missed the chance to ever see The Aquabats live on stage again, and the news of their upcoming tour, coupled with the addition of Catch 22 to the Coast To Coast Roast tour, has almost single-handedly made this entire year worthwhile. Please, if you do anything at all this summer, join me for one (or better yet all!) of these shows. I promise you won’t regret it. So here’s the lowdown: three amazing shows, and I’ll be at every one. You can be there too (free of charge!) if you simply tell me that you want to go. I won’t discriminate based on who you are or where you live...if you’re willing to be in Denver/Colorado Springs/Fort Collins on the aforementioned dates, your ticket is on me. So what are you waiting for!? You know you want to go to these shows, or at the very least you want to hang out with me upon my impending (and sooner than planned!) return. And just in case that’s not enough, the first one to respond, by either emailing me or posting a comment on this blog, will also get a CD of your choice by Reel Big Fish/Catch 22/The Aquabats/The Eyeliners or any of the other amazing bands at these shows, purchased by me. So what are you waiting for!? Ready...Go!


Blogger Jen said...

So, um, are you buying the ticket? Because you didn't quite make that clear in your post. Then I was distracted by all of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And can you try showing a little excitement next time? ;)

I'm so happy that you get to go home early! That is excellent news!

6/30/05, 6:11 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Ohmygosh,ohmygosh, ohmygosh! JOSH! Hooray for coming home EARLY---AND---for great shows! I'm actually contemplating letting you buy me a ticket to come Rock Out with you in Colorado. :) And you don't even know me! Ha! Okay, seriously, your excitement is contagious. I feel like I just had 12 cups of coffee!!! THANKS!

I truly am VERY happy for you...everything seems to be going so well for you. And, actually, everything is going well for me, too--I like to call it The Best Week Ever. Lots of my friends have been having good stuff happen to them, too, this week. Hmmm. What could this mean??? Something in the air. Hooray! (Now go read my blog.) :) Happy for you!

7/1/05, 6:52 AM  
Blogger r0cc0 said...

I have two words for you: Damn I wish I could be there to rock out with you. That will be awesome.

There's at least two words in there. ;)

7/1/05, 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that sounds like so much fun, but my parents won't let me fly from K.C. by myself to go. AND they say I'm too young for concerts.
They're so lame.

Caroline N.

7/1/05, 1:31 PM  
Blogger Adventure said...

I was just thinking about how much you sounded like a salesman from the home shoping network:
"But if you call right now we will also include this CD as a free gift to you. What are you waiting for, this offer will not last long."
Love it dude, just too bad Caroline Nesbitt will not be there, I will have to talk to her parents about that.

7/1/05, 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Caroline's Grandma Carolyn.
She and I will work on that concert tour, if not now, perhaps when you're a senior citizen cousin in about 20 years! Really, we're delighted you're coming home soon -- proud of you for your accomplishments -- looking so forward to seeing you in September.
Please stay safe.
Love, Aunt C.

7/3/05, 4:34 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Stumbled across this and thought of your adorable overuse of the exclamation points in this post:


(sorry...you may have to cut and paste)

Enjoy. :)

7/6/05, 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Procrastination Free Living said...

Great 1 .. Nice adventure u had.. good luck next time!!

6/18/11, 11:31 PM  

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