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Okay, I’m back to normal now, or at least as close to normal as one gets when they’re three weeks away from what I’d call a “major life change.” I’ve made it over the initial euphoria that led to the overuse of exclamation points in my last post. I’m still excited though, in a weird “constantly energized” sort of way. It’s actually a good thing -- this feeling in my gut of excited nervousness or nervous excitement or whatever you’d call it -- because it can be very invigorating and motivating. It has also served to keep me up late at night, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but I’m trying not to sweat it. I generally try and go to bed at roughly midnight or 0100, but I haven’t managed to fall asleep until after 0300 for these past few nights. Maybe that will fade, maybe not -- at this point I don’t really care. I have gotten a lot done in the last 72 hours though, so I’m happy about that. So far: I’ve given my company the official letter of resignation, and I’ve also filled out four separate forms that are needed for HR to properly process my departure. I’ve packed an entire trunk full of stuff to ship home, only to find out that it was well over the weight limit for the US Postal Service to ship (70 lbs). I unpacked it, repacked half the contents into smaller and lighter boxes, and shipped all of them today. I sold my TV to one of the new guys, and another new guy has already got dibs on my coffee maker (he can’t have it until the day I head out though -- there’s no way I’ll survive these next three weeks without a readily available supply of caffeine). I’ve made headway on the last big “project” that’s hanging over my head at work -- the project is due Tuesday so hopefully I’ll finish that up tomorrow and get that weight off my chest. Then it’s back to packing -- the trunk still needs to be filled with clothes and other lightweight items and then shipped. I’ve still got to ensure that I can pare my room down to the bare essentials, just the stuff that will fit into my two-duffel-bags-and-one-backpack plan. I’ve still got to get some paperwork in order, including obtaining a new ID card (now that I’m leaving earlier than planned I don’t really need the ID card, but I still want it). I’ve got to get clarification on the procedure for traveling home. At first it looked like I was supposed to fly military to Germany, where the company would take over and get me home on commercial planes. Now it’s looking like I’ve got to fly all the way back to D.C. on military jets, and the company will take over from there. Either way, I was at least able to confirm that since I’m staying until my official “end of contract” date, I am still entitled to all of my end-of-contract bonuses, so that’s good news. Turns out the company will also continue to pay me during my travel time home, which is an extra plus. I’m hoping to God that my boxes of CDs show up before I leave here. I’ve already confirmed that all of them have shipped, but you never know how long it’ll take for stuff to get here. If they get here soon, they’ll be ripped to the iPod before they get sent on home. If they don’t get here until right before I leave, they may have to be forwarded home unopened. If they don’t get here at all before I leave...well, I’d prefer not to think about that scenario. Oh, and in addition to all the planning/packing/CD-ripping that still needs to get done, I’m also committed to making my trip down to Kabul a reality. I’ll make that phone call tomorrow. Moving on...The Concerts. I’ve got two friends confirmed for the Reel Big Fish show, so props to them. Those tickets will be purchased later tonight. I’ve got another friend confirmed for at least one unnamed show -- details to follow after she figures some things out at work. I’ve got a brother who’s committed to all three shows, assuming he can get the weekend off from work. Good news so far, but definitely keep the confirmations rolling in if you can make it to the shows. I’m telling you people, it’s going to rule. Here’s a little story that ought to get you motivated: a cousin of mine posted a comment to this blog expressing her interest in coming to the shows, despite the fact that she lives in Kansas City, and the fact that her parents are against it. She’s fighting the good fight to make it happen, and not letting anything stand in her way. Not even the fact that she’s only six weeks old (You tell ‘em Caroline! Your parents are lame. Cry until they cave -- at your age it’s totally okay to play the “immaturity card”). So what’s your excuse people? If my six-week-old cousin has the drive to make it happen, so should you. It’s fun and it’s free, so I want to hear some more “yes” votes soon. That’s all I got for now -- time for me to go hit the showers and then maybe get this trunk packed up before I call it a night. Three more weeks, people...I’m home free in three more weeks. Rock!


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